Okazaki Tokiakari  2019

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at the Okazaki Tokiakari 2019

Now accepting Applications for the Creator’s Workshop,


Enter to win the Okazaki Tokiakari Award

“Okazaki Tokiakari” is an event which began in 2011 with the goal of creating a new way to showcase the charms of Okazaki by turning the nighttime scenery of Okazaki into a work of art and creating an event where many visitors can enjoy exploring the Okazaki area. The main feature of this event is projection mapping performance. Since 2013, participation in this portion of the event has been open to the public.  At this time we are soliciting participants for a Creator’s Workshop to help in the creation of projection mapping entries which will compete for the Okazaki Tokiakari Award 2019.

This year, the location is in front of the Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art (Kyoto City Museum of Art) again. Because the repair of the Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art is finished. This museum will open next March. Please celebrate a new start with your works together!

In addition, this is the final time that we carry out competition.

1) Creator’s Workshop

   This Creator’s Workshop is a training course designed to help participants create their own projection mapping entry. We are looking for young or new creators who are interested in creating their own images and designs. The works created during this workshop will be entered into the Okazai Tokiakari and compete for the Okazaki Tokiakari Award.

This year’s theme is Okazaki Modern and the future of Okazaki. Participants will be asked to create new imagery of the history and natural features of Okazaki, along with thinking about the future development of the Okazaki Area.

Sponsor: Council for the Promotion of the Charms of Okazaki Area, Kyoto

Partner: ART COMPLEX, Projection Mapping Association of Japan

1.      Participation Cost


2.      Workshop Participant Qualifications

l   You should have a space with the necessary equipment where you can create images or video, previous experience creating images or video is necessary. However, no experience with projection mapping is necessary.  

l   You can participate as an individual or as a group.

l   The program will use Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop (CS5.5 and above is required. Both Windows and Mac OS are permitted. Participants must have experience using the above software, including basic functionality.)

l   The Workshop is limited to 30 people. The application period will close once all participants have been selected.

l   In order to participate in this workshop you should have the above software installed on your computer or if you are participating as a group have potential access to at least 1 computer with the above mentioned software. (You may need to use the software during some of the lectures).

3.      Instructors 

l   Toru Kuboki, Haruka Kido, Ryusuke Shigeta, Yuji Kohara, Masao Kashiwagi(ART COMPLEX)

In cooperation with Kazuki Hitoosa (Pictured Video Artist), Jun Nishimura(Musician)

4.      How to Apply

l   Please send an application to the email address listed on last page to submit your entry.

l   The Application Period for the Workshop is from Monday June 17, 2019 to Friday June 11, 2019

5.      Concerning Entries

Entries created during the Creator’s Workshop must be:

l   Projection mapping entries will be displayed on the Kyoto City Museum of Art.

l   Works created through the Creator’s Workshop will automatically be entered for the Okazaki Tokiakari Award.

l   Entry length should be within 60~180 sec.

6.      Program Outline

1.        1st Session ( Saturday June 13, 2019  10am-5pm) Location: Okazaki Area (TBD)

Introduction to the Okazaki Tokiakari Event, talk on the basics of projection mapping and the procedures of operation for the day of the event, as well as an outline of projection mapping techniques, introductory video making, and how to start creating your project

2.        2nd Session (Sunday August 25, 2019  10am-5pm) Location: Okazaki Area (TBD)

Assignment for creating a simple video project will be checked, as well as the concept for each participant’s entry for the Okazaki Tokiakari, and afterwards participants will start working on entries.

3.        3rd Session (Monday September 16, 2019  10am-5pm) Location: Okazaki Area (TBD)

Participants will share a rough version of their entries and receive instructor feedback, and participants will continue to work on their entries.

Addition, we carry out the lecture about the music to direct a work more effectively.

4.        Okazaki Tokiakari 2019 eve(Friday November 15, 2019 2pm-9pm) Location: In front of the Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art.

Projection tests of the entries and rehearsal for the Okazaki Tokiakari 2019 

2) Okazaki Tokiakari Award

Workshop Participant Entry-

For Workshop Participants: your entry which was completed during the workshop will be automatically entered into the competition.

General Entry

For General Public: Anyone with the technological skill necessary to create an entry can submit their work regardless of nationality or place of residence. 


Based on the rules and format indicated by the sponsor, please submit each entry individually. 

n   Attention:

l   After you enter the sponsor will send an email with information on rules and format.

l   If you have any questions or wish to confirm the rules and format before submitting, please see contact information listed on last page.

l   The production expenses aren't paid and the voyage expenses when visiting Japan, aren't also paid.

Please be aware that the sponsor cannot accept any entry that does not match the required format.

   Entry Deadline: Friday October 4, 2019

     How to Enter: Please send your name, address, and information to the email address on last page.

   Work Submission Deadline: Monday October 28, 2019 (JST 23:59)

     The cutoff time will be strictly observed. Late submissions will not be accepted.

1.        Prize

l   Grand Prize (1) 100,000 yen monetary award

l   Additional commendations and other prizes available from cooperating organizations

2.        Judges

l   Kozo Shioe (Former Kyoto City Museum of Art, Director)

l   Shinsuke Ina (Kyoto Seika University, Art Department Professor)

l   Emura Koichi (Kyoto Saga University of Arts, Art Department Professor)

l   Keito Kohara (ART COMPLEX , Integration Producer)

l   Kazuki Hitoosa (Pictured Video Artist)

l   Jun Nishimura(Musician)


3.        About Entries

l   The theme is “Okazaki Modern and the future of Okazaki.”

l   The entry video must be within 60~180 seconds in length

l   The entry will be shown in an outdoor public space, please keep to public order and standards of decency.

l   Please use original music or copyright free music

l   The creator of the projection map work is the copyright holder, however the sponsor holds the rights to use this work in regards to Okazaki Tokiakari.

l   After the work has been shown at the Okazaki Tokiakari, it is okay to make individual announcements using photographs and videos.

l   The following is the schedule for the Okazaki Tokiakari annex2018

Friday November 15: Rehearsal- all works are previewed

Saturday November 16: 1st day of the event- all works are shown*

*If the number of entries exceeds the maximum time allotted for the event,

then there will be a pre-screening of entries.  

Sunday November 17: 2nd day of the event- prize winning entries are shown


l   A work created for Okazaki Tokiakari can be used for promotions, public relations, and other matters.


l   Production expenses and travel costs to visit Japan are the responsibility of the individual.

Creation and Submission Precautions

. We contact the person whom there was of the entry directly.


n  How to Submit

At the time of submission (Please submit using home file delivery or file transfer service, etc.)*

*CD-R, USB Memory, or any other physical data medium that is sent by mail will not be accepted.

* Please adopt the way it's possible to download at Japan as a file. After submitting it for confirmation, please contact an inquiry by mail.



3)Okazaki Tokiakari 2019 Event Summary

Dates: Saturday November 16- Sun November 17, 2019 (Anticipated)

Location: Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art

124, Okazaki Enshoji-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City

l   Rain or shine, suspension for stormy weather (thunder or lightning)


l   This event features light-up, projection mapping and other performances, related special nighttime openings of facilities, along with individually planned collaboration musical performances all to be held at night in the Okazaki area. 

■ Inquiries


Ms. Sachiko Oshima 

Production Manager for the Council for the Promotion of the Charms of Okazaki Area, Kyoto


Email: sunlight@osk3.3web.ne.jp   http://okazakitokiakari.jimdo.com/